Gifting Yourself with the Best Present ever

The Rediscovery of your Authentic Self and Inner Peace

Gain ClaritY
Create whatever you Desire
Live your Full Potential

Hello compassionate, sensitive Soul!

There is a powerful release of energy once you awaken your creative juices and rediscover your own unique – your true – nature.

An expert at functioning, do you feel:

  • you have lost your way over the years?
  • controlled by your outer circumstances?
  • exhausted and stuck in a rut?
  • that – to experience joy and lightness again – a profound piece of the puzzle is missing?
  • at your deepest core that something needs to change and
  • your life cannot continue as before?

What would you change and do instead – if you were to consciously choose all over again?

Transformation requires a safe space, a nurturing starting point, stability and trust.

Imagine what is possible if you:

  • make yourself a priority
  • manage to calm down
  • reconnect with your inner wisdom and guidance
  • identify who you really are – regardless of your duties, responsibilities and the roles you play
  • master the tools to say ‘No’ and reprogram your subconscious beliefs
  • create new healthy habits and boundaries
  • give yourself permission to thrive
  • and finally realize your unique potential.

Let me accompany and facilitate you

To become the best version of you, to clearly see yourself and to be seen:

Get to know your true purpose and mission,
have the courage and confidence to dream big,
allow yourself to shine and celebrate your authentic self!

Alex Von Stauss

So – Who am I?

My name is Alexandra and I invite you to join me on the most exciting journey you can take: the rediscovery of your Self, what makes you tick and what is possible.

Originally from Munich/Germany, I chose South Africa’s Cape Town to be my home. In awe of the mind-blowing natural and human wonders of Southern Africa, her spirited, warm-hearted people and exquisite flora and fauna, I love the thought of living close to the cradle of humankind. At the footstep of human’s essence, so to speak.

From my early childhood onwards, I had to face major challenges. Mastering these – coming to terms with personal loss and fears over the years – I learned to show up.

Art, movement – foremost Qigong – and creative coaching igniting my passion, I consider myself a traveller on an ongoing transformative path. The incredible strength and resilience of Africa’s women as my continuous inspiration!

Meaningful, heart-to-heart connection and self-expression – without being judged – have the force to transform, heal and empower. So, let us start your inner dialogue.

I am working online with an international clientele (English or German speaking) or one-on-one in person. With a mentoring and creative coaching background of nearly two decades and a keen eye for beauty – in the world, in nature, in people – I am passionate and dedicated to helping you to become the person you most want to be!


Feeling called to:

Be true to yourself
Harness your innate personal power
Experience physical and emotional wellbeing
Reclaim your freedom and lightness in life?

For press enquiries and co operation, contact:

For press enquiries and co operation, contact:

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